Can One Boy Save the World?

SMASHER is a fast-paced techno-thriller about computers, magic, and time travel, set in Los Angeles in the near future. A magician's apprentice in the Renaissance era is recruited by a time-traveling bionic girl to help stop Gramercy Foxx, the most powerful media mogul alive, from releasing The Future — his most exciting and mysterious product ever. They race against time to unlock the secret of The Future before the magical computer virus enslaves every human being on the planet.

Meet Charlie and Geneva: unlikely friends who join forces to in hopes of defeating the powerful, and seemingly untouchable technology mogul. Geneva has liberated Charlie from the past and brought him back to her future to race against Foxx's attempt to hold all of humanity in his grip. Charlie, the sole possessor of magic in the future, and Geneva, who carries within her an unfathomable tome of scientific knowledge, are the only two people standing between Foxx and world domination.

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  • 11Apr

    Thank you for coming to the meeting place. Unfortunately, I find myself in a precarious position with Foxx's technicians monitoring my every move and closing in on my location. I must keep moving, but I'll send more messages as soon


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